You are not alone...

The death of a precious baby is a time of intense anguish and sorrow. It is also a time when many parents tell us they feel very alone as family, friends and colleagues often find it difficult to know what to say or do.

"Everyone knew what had happened and some people stopped talking to us; so, you have your loss and you have double loss because people around are not comfortable talking to you."

For many of those who have been bereaved during the pandemic, these feelings of isolation have been magnified, as access to care and the support of relatives and friends have been compromised by lockdowns and the need to be socially distant.

One resource I endorse is Child Bereavement UK who are continuing to support families via Booked Telephone Support and they continue to talk about baby loss and provide support via social media and their website, so that bereaved parents know that support is still available and that they are not alone.

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