Productive Rants

As I write, we only have small funerals with the dreaded social distancing.

How do families decide who to invite?

How do you cope with not being able to hug your fellow bereaved, the most basic human expression of sympathy and support?

Funerals were never by invitation; anyone could turn up and often did. I’d got into the habit of always going to the funerals of my dwindling number of elderly relatives; it’s pretty much the only time I got to see my distant family. Who knows if and when I’ll see them again?

Those who know me well, will know of my ability to rant.

Also, of my annoying habit of inevitably being right.

I ranted for years about a particular pet hate – glitter.

You only have to get one card at Christmas with it on and you have it in your house for ever.

I suggested that our age, when it passes into the geological record will be known as the glitter age, because the stuff will still be there in the rocks, a thin glittering line recording our folly. I was of course just talking of one type of what we all now know as microplastics; biodegradable glitter is now more commonly available and plastic pollution is now an issue.

There are some positives, however.

The recognition that the use of IT means that our geographical location is less relevant.

Those of us who fly desks for a living can do it from anywhere.

The video call has gone a long way to replacing the phone call at last.

I would say that not only has our business not been affected, we are probably communicating more efficiently and more often than previously.

My lesson learned; I have to be more productive with my rants.

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