Meet James

Certified Civil Celebrant

Scottish Independent Celebrants Association
My name is James O’Neill.
I create, write and conduct funeral services.
Each ceremony is individually created to honour and celebrate the life of a person, in a dignified and appropriately, focusing on everything that made them special and unique. The movement away from the traditional funeral allows friends and relatives to celebrate the life of the loved one way the way they, and those left to mourn, would have liked.
The very time people feel at their worst when they have just lost someone they love is also the time that they have to carefully plan a funeral service.
The deceased person or their relatives may or may not feel it appropriate to have the service conducted by a minister of religion. Traditional funerals in Churches or Chapels provide a service with dignity and sanctity, and a format and venue for readings and hymns. Sometimes the person’s life beliefs, do not match this.
The ceremonies I create are a celebration of the life of the person, positive, uplifting and a fitting way for all to say goodbye in their own way. Where possible I meet the family of the deceased to discuss their preferences and requirements, in order to create the occasion, they would like. As part of this meeting I find out as much as I can about the life of the deceased in order to create an appropriate tribute and if required a eulogy or remembrance.
Family and friends can participate in the service providing readings, poems, live music, songs or simply their own tributes. Hymns and psalms can still form a part of many of the services. There are no set rules for these “celebrations of life “and both family and friends can be encouraged to participate in the planning of the day in order to ensure everybody has a chance to express their own sentiments and say goodbye in ways significant to themselves and all those present.


Proud to be part of The Scottish Independent Celebrants Association